AH1N1: The sophism that distracts the world

Still on the subject of influenza AH1N1, until today, there are 20 countries with 985 confirmed cases.  The first case confirmed in Colombia is a man of 42 years who was 7 days ago in Cancun.

This «pandemia» has given a lot for business, cartoons, fashion, and also to increase the Dow Jones. The world forget the “financial” crisis, and that people continue dying of hunger, etc., etc. Who ever came up with the idea of the «collective hysteria», it works.

I wonder, why not make the same «noise» with cervical cancer, according to evidenced based information each 3 hours a woman dies and there is already a vaccine, or why don’t make such massive campaigns against smoking, against diarrhea, HIV, self-examination to detect breast cancer or whatever you want.

I think I finish here on writing of this subject. Surely, we will have more cases in the country and then we will forget them.

The important thing is to have some awareness of how to avoid spreading the virus. I don’t have doubt that this “pandemia” only benefits a very few.

I hope you have a good week start.

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